Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nokia Web Security Bug Reward: Directory Traversal / Local File inclusion Vulnerability

Little Insight: 


Well this is my first Directory Traversal Vulnerability / Local File inclusion Vulnerability


which I spotted in  


Report Date :  5th march 2014 


Reward For  Directory Traversal Vulnerability  : Nokia  Lumia 925 Phone


How This Work

when i was testing it was found url a link on  subdomain 

with post request 


when i am use any word template=Jeet thats show 200  responce with result as 0

Template parameter show its access another url form site

 ... now work begin....

My Finding....

with post request 


Template parameter show its access another url That's gave me a hint may be there is an LFI

Then i am  Googled for a cheat sheet For Directory Traversal

In a few minutes complete Task and found Traversal




 Normal Request..






 After Payload...





More Information


The vulnerability mentioned here has been confirmed patched by the Nokia Security Team.




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